The featured image is Spencer Grammer herself. The article focuses on the report about her being slashed by a knife.

Rick and Morty voice actress, Spencer Grammer, was injured in a slashing incident in the East Village, Manhattan, sources told the Eyewitness News. 

According to the report, the incident happened on Friday, just before 11:30 pm. 

The 36-year-old star was dining with a companion at The Black Ant Restaurant, The New York Daily News reported. 

An intoxicated man slashed the Frasier star’s daughter, along with her companion, said ABC7.

The man first approached the workers at the restaurant and demanded to be served, witnesses told the Eyewitness News. 

However, the workers refused to do so, and the man got angry.  

According to Us Weekly, Spencer and her male companion tried to defuse the situation, but the man struck them. 

Investigation Findings so Far

Detective Sophia Mason of the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information (DCPI) told the details to Us Weekly. 

An unknown guy struck “a 36-year-old female” in the “right arm” using an “unknown object,” according to Mason.

The object caused “laceration and swelling” to her, she said.  

On the other hand, “a 31-year-old male was also stuck in the lower back causing laceration”.

“The suspect fled the location on foot,” Mason said. 

According to descriptions, the suspect is a Black male in his 30s, short black hair, and has a height of around “5’08”.  

The police released a video of the suspect on Saturday. 

“This remains an ongoing investigation,” said Mason. 

The Actress was not Slashed

Despite the reports, Grammer’s father’s spokesperson told the New York Post that she was not slashed.

“There are elements of truth to the story,” the spokesperson said. 

However, Grammer is “fine,” they said. 

Eyewitness Report

The man “pulled out a knife,” said Samantha Cervantes, as per NBC New York. 

“One thing led to another and he ended up stabbing two bystanders,” she added. 

“I guess he didn’t like the answer that the hostess and the people who work there gave him,” Cervantes recounted. 

Another bystander told the New York Post that the event looked like a “full-on brawl.”


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