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Intelligence officials should be more “explicit” in their report, California’s 28th Congressional District Representative, Adam Schiff told MSNBC in an interview. 

On Friday, top intelligence official, William Evanina released a press statement

The release revealed three foreign states trying to influence US voters’ perspectives for the upcoming election in a “covert and overt” manner. 

According to the intel, they are essentially concerned about the activities of Russia, China, and Iran. 

However, the administration is pushing the line of thinking, that China is the main concern among the three, Representative Schiff told MSNBC.

“China has a preference, but Russia is engaged in actions,” Schiff said in the interview. 

“I think that the intelligence really needs to be more explicit about this.”

Intelligence officials can do it “without compromising sources and methods,” Schiff added. 

Schiff also thinks, that what the president is doing is “blind himself and blind the country to what Russia is doing.”

Yhe attached picture is Adam Schiff because he asks the Intel to become explicit.
Rep. Adam Schiff

The Three States to be Concerned Of

The recent intelligence report by Evanina “raised fears of a repeat of the 2016 election,” as per the Guardian.

In 2016, Russia used social media to help Trump in his campaign by hurting his opponent, Hillary Clinton. 

According to the intelligence report, China prefers US President Donald Trump to lose in the election. 

This is due to his unpredictability. 

Recently, China has been more critical of the Trump administration.

It’s recent “public rhetoric” revolves on US’ response to COVID-19, it’s meddling in HongKong, and China’s tech companies.

Russia, however, is using a wide range of methods to “denigrate” presidential aspirant, Joe Biden. 

According to the report, Russia sees Biden as “anti-Russia.”

Some “Kremlin-linked” entities are also moving to promote Trump’s candidacy, via social media and Russian media. 

Iran will probably focus on online influence, the report said.

This is through disinformation campaigns and spreading “anti-US content.” 


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