A memorial service was held in Minneapolis for George Floyd. 

Politicians, civil rights leaders and celebrities, Kevin Hart, Ludacris and Tiffany Haddish came to pay respect and bid him goodbye. 

Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother assured the people in the memorial that they will get justice for what happened to his brother, he said, “Everyone wants justice, we want justice for George, he’s gonna get it”.

The Minister, Reverend Al Sharpton gave a passionate eulogy for George Floyd, he called his death death a symbol of Black American’s plight. He said that “the reason why we are marching all over the world is we were like George. We couldn’t breathe, not because there was something wrong with our lungs, but that you wouldn’t take your knee off our neck”.

The Floyd’s family attorney Benjamin Crump encouraged everyone to, “protest against the evil, the inhumane, the torture that they witnessed on that video.” 

The service which celebrated his life but also highlighted how he died brutally lasted nearly 2 hours.


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