Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas said small businesses in the area are bound to get relief, said a CBS8 report.

The Chula Vista Cares grant program gives to small businesses with 10 or fewer full-time employees.

For instance, to allow selected businesses to remain open they will receive up to $6,000.

Mayor Salas said:

“We authorized $1.5 Million for a small business grant for these businesses that had to shut down.”

“It is primarily for the businesses that have experienced a required closure for 60 days or longer.”

Free Permit

Also, the city established a free permit option for restaurants

This allowed them to set up tables, chairs, and canopies outside and also allow retail stores to sell goods outside.

Salas added:

“And this is very necessary as they are not allowed to conduct business inside, it really hurts the revenue that they can generate.”

Furthermore, there will be an option for a temporary closure of 3rd Ave on weekends.

The closed road is from E Street to Center, from 4 p.m. Saturday through 10 p.m. Sunday.

Elated Business Owner

This new program elated some business owners.

Co-owner of the Tavern at the Vogue claimed the grant will help many Chula Vista businesses.

Tavern at the vogue co-owner, Gonzalo Quintero said:

“So not only are we able to keep people working, we’re keeping families secure, and keeping our businesses will not only be surviving bit thriving during this time,”

The City is now accepting grant applications online only beginning Monday, July 20th through this link on the City of Chula Vista website.

Other Local Initiatives

This is not the only local initiative in the San Diego County area.

In particular, Mayor Kevin Faulconer signed an emergency executive order to ease restrictions for restaurants.

Also, it will waive some regulatory requirements normally imposed by the city.

Moreover, this will allowed restaurants to expand their service into outdoor spaces.

Meanwhile, Poway City Council approved the temporarily relaxing of restrictions at city parks.

This will allow houses of worship and fitness-oriented businesses to operate.

Consequent, this is an initiative of Poway Mayor Steve Vaus.


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