The featured image is red onions. The reason is that the article focuses on its link to salmonella outbreak, says expert.

A recent salmonella multi-state outbreak in the United States and Canada linked to red onions is currently under investigation, according to Science Times.

The Food and Drug Administration identified the red onions produced by Thomson International, Inc. as the culprit.

FDA worked alongside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to pinpoint the root of the outbreak.

FDA Announcement

On its website, the FDA informs the public that Thomson International Inc. sent word to the federal agency.

The California-based agricultural supplier will be recalling all sorts of onions, not just the red ones.

The other varieties may have come in contact with the contaminated red ones.

According to the FDA, product recall would comprise the following varieties: red, yellow, white, and sweet varieties produced by Thomson International, Inc. 

Salmonellosis Fast Facts by DFA and CBC

The attached picture is 3D illustration of salmonella bacteria. The reason is that the article explains that, as per expert, this outbreak is linked with red onions.

Salmonella is a bacteria cluster that can result in digestive illness and a high temperature called salmonellosis.

Food handlers spread the bacteria if they don’t wash their hands, food surfaces, and the tools during food preparation.

People can also become ill when eating raw or undercooked foods. 

Salmonella can also spread from livestock or pets to people.

When pets eat Salmonella-contaminated food, they can also spread it in the household.

Salmonella Contamination Symptoms

Salmonellosis symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps, as per the FDA website.

In severe types, people have symptoms such as high fever, headaches, sluggishness, red spots on the skin, blood in the urine, or stool.

FDA website shows that there are almost 400 individuals in 30-plus states recorded sick due to Salmonella- contaminated onions.

If this is any consolation, the majority of people can recover even without treatment.

The agency also reports that, so far, there were no deaths due to the infection.

However, people should keep in mind that children less than 5 and adults 65 and above are the most vulnerable.

Also, individuals who have poor immune systems are likely to have a more severe illness, CDC warns.


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