The featured image is a state prison. The purpose is that following the riot happened is a lockdown.

The mayhem that erupted Saturday at Ware State Prison in Georgia, at around 10:45 p.m EDT, left two prison staff and three inmates wounded.

Two guards were stabbed, and officers made use of “non-lethal ammunition” to subdue the inmates, as per Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC).

Fortunately, none of the injuries were critical.

Pandemonium In Prison

The riot was instigated by inmates at the prison, in the city of Waycross.

A golf cart was in flames, said the George Department of Corrections (GDC), as per a Newsweek report. 

Also, several windows were shattered during the ruckus.

Authorities, ultimately, gain control of the situation by 1 a.m.

A GDC representative told Newsweek that this incident resulted in a lockdown.

Social Media Thrown in the Mix

Allegedly, some inmates recorded videos of the disturbance and circulated them on social media.

A clip showed a blood-soaked inmate, while his fellows were helping him clean a gunshot wound or so it seemed.

Also, circulating on social media is a clip showing inmates walking around the institution freely.

Another clip appeared to show fires set ablaze on the grounds.

When asked for comments about the videos, The GDC did not respond.

Right to Medical Care

Corey Jackson, Representative of the Human and Civil Rights Coalition of Georgia, spoke with Newsweek.

The state penitentiary had been under lockdown after the death of an inmate, Mr. Jackson told Newsweek.

Two weeks ago, Robert Wilson died after receiving injuries from a brawl with a fellow inmate.

Corey Jackson added that tensions were heightened because COVID-19 infected inmates have been given “little to no” medical attention.

The riot stemmed from having a whole “building with sick inmates,” Jackson said.    

A handful of inmates told the AJC of late that there were tensions in the institution owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two inmates passed away, according to GDC.

On top of that, a combined number of inmates and employees totaling 54 are tested positive for Coronavirus.


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