QAnon is banned on facebook

The social media giant, Facebook, will start removing pages, groups, and Instagram accounts that represent the conspiracy theory movement, QAnon, it said in a blogpost. 

The crackdown includes groups that don’t display violent content but are still related to QAnon. 

QAnon related pages and groups violated Facebook’s policy against dangerous individuals and organizations policy, said Facebook.

Facebook’s move is an update to its initiative that started two months ago. 

On August 19, Facebook announced it would start addressing groups that advocate violence and show tendencies in translating them in real life.

In its first month of the crackdown, Facebook removed 1,500 QAnon pages and groups discussing potential violence.

Now, it has already removed more than 2,000 QAnon related activities on Facebook, and more than 10,000 accounts on Instagram. 

The tech giant has also restricted more than 2,000 groups and pages related to the group. 

US President Donald Trump has praised the group during a White House Briefing in the past.

What is QAnon?

QAnon, in its most basic sense, is a conspiracy theory movement that started in a series of posts in 4chan. 

QAnon’s contents consist of different conspiracy theories people found on the web.

However, its followers’ core belief goes like this: 

Prominent Democrats, Hollywood personalities, and the global elites are running a cabalistic child trafficking ring, and only US President Donald Trump can save them. 

Woman Holds up a sign with a QAnon symbol

Why Facebook Ban Against QAnon Matters 

Its contents affect real-life situations and harm people. 

QAnon contents have been tied to “different forms of real world harm,” said Facebook in its blog post. In fact, the FBI categorizes the group as a domestic terrorist threat.

Moreover, the majority of the members of the House have also condemned the group and its conspiracy theories.  

Some examples of the effects of its content in the real world are the following. 

Early this month, unprecedented wildfires have devastated multiple states on the West Coast.

However, amid emergency calls from people affected by the fires, 911 dispatchers have also been invaded with calls about a false online rumor promoted by the conspiracy movement.

According to the rumor, authorities have arrested some Antifa members for starting the fires. However, the FBI and firefighters later debunked the rumors. 

In another case, authorities arrested a feature dancer from Illinois, Jessica Prim in April 2020 for “allegedly driving into a pier” with a car full of knives. 

She also threatened to kill Presidential candidate Joe Biden, during a live stream while driving from Illinois to New York. 

Prim has been posting QAnon contents days before she was arrested. 


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