Vladimir Putin Looking on to a picture of Joe Biden

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he does not believe Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s son, did any criminal activities in his business with Ukraine or Russia, Reuters reported. 

Putin’s comments came after the President’s campaign’s accusations against former President Joe Biden and Hunter’s alleged dealings. 

US President Donald Trump, during debates and rallies, claims that Joe Biden is “a corrupt politician” because of the alleged connection of his family to the sacking of a Ukrainian politician and foreign dealings. 

Putin, who has ever since praised Trump since the US President began his term, has been quite balanced with his interviews recently.

For example, he recently praised Trump’s economic policies in the US being at a high level. 

He also noted Joe Biden’s strong “anti-Russian rhetoric.” 

However, in another recent interview, Putin said Russia will work with any future US President.

Moreover, according to Reuters, some analysts might interpret this to be Russia’s attempt to ingratiate itself with Biden’s camp.

A cartoon sketch of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

What Putin Said

According to Putin, the younger Biden “had or maybe still has a business” in Ukraine.

However, the matter doesn’t concern Russia, said Putin. 

In fact, it only concerns “Americans and Ukrainians.”

Moreover, Hunter Biden had one company, “which he practically headed up.” 

 “Judging from everything he made good money,” Putin said. 

“I don’t see anything criminal about this,” Russia’s President said.

Furthermore, Putin reportedly showed irritation at Trump’s allegations against Putin’s ties to a former mayor of Moscow and its link to Hunter.

According to Reuters, Putin denies there is a commercial relationship between them. 

Foreign Interference

Previously, Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, announced Russia and Iran have obtained US voters’ data. 

The purpose of obtaining them is to undermine the public’s trust in “American Democracy,” sow confusion and chaos. 

In 2017, the Intelligence Community reported that Russia“ordered an influence campaign in 2016” to undermine the public’s faith in democracy. 

The report also assesses that the Russian government aspired to help “Trump’s election chances” while discrediting his rival then, Hillary Clinton. 


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