Critics have said that Vladimir Putin might be ailing

Is Russian President Vladimir Putin quitting soon? 

There are reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin might quit in January amidst claims of the president’s health failing him, the Daily Mail reported. 

According to the Daily Mail, speculation about the Russian President’s health started after a prominent critic, Professor Valery Solovei, claimed he has Parkinson’s.

Solovei also claims that Putin’s family and 37-year-old lover, Alina Kabaeva, are urging him to step down next year. 

According to Solovei, per the Sun, Putin’s family and rumored partner are all pressuring him to quit and have “a great influence over him.”

According to the Sun, another reason for speculation was Putin’s actions in recent footage of him. 

They pointed out that his fingers are twitching while holding a pen on that footage.

Observers also pointed out that he’s gripping a cup they claim contains a cocktail of painkillers.

The Kremlin, however, refutes the claims. 

Its spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, denies it and claims Putin is in “excellent health,” Russian media, TASS news agency reported. 

Peskov also made clear that the president is not stepping down from his position next year. 

Putin was first elected to office in 2000 and has been one of Russia’s longest-serving politicians. 

Putin in a hearing pointing out to one of the reporters

Preparing For His Exit? 

On Saturday, Putin sponsored legislation that would entitle a former president to a lifetime position as a senator in the Russian Federation Council, the Guardian reported. 

Moreover, the position will also entail a former president, protection through an immunity against prosecution for a lifetime. 

It also means that if passed, Putin will be protected against allegations of corruption against him. 

Those allegations against him have persisted since the 1990s, per the Daily Mail.  

This legislation has prompted speculations against him leaving his post as Russia’s president. 

Moreover, the bills also follow Russia’s constitutional amendments that allow Putin to “reset” his term limits, per the Guardian.

With those amendments, the former KGB officer can run two more times until 2036. Putin will be 84-year-old by then. 


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