Sony presented the PlayStation 1 (PS1) to the world in 1995.

PS1 paved the way for console gaming with its ergonomically shaped DualShock analog controller that effectively combined the directional and action buttons with thumbsticks.

After 25 years, Sony will release the PlayStation 5 (PS5) “holiday” of 2020 with a new controller, DualSense.

Sony released a statement confirming that the console is in effect backward compatible but only for supported PlayStation (PS4) games.

Sony has yet to release the list of said games. 

Conversely, officially licensed products for the PS4 such as arcade sticks, flight sticks, racing wheels, Move Motion, and VR Aim controllers will work with the new console for supported games.

Sony further clarified that PS4’s DualShock4, and officially licensed third-party gamepad controllers are also compatible with the console but cannot be used to play PS5 games.

The gaming giant further noted that not all PS officially licensed or third-party accessories are compatible, and it is still best to check with the respective manufacturer. 

Sony’s PS5 offers superb visuals with enhanced physical experience through the console’s DualSense controller. 

It makes perfect sense that PS5 games cannot work with the PS4 controller, the new games were just not designed that way. 

Users should “take advantage” of the new features and capabilities that come with the new gaming platform.

DualSense incorporates a microphone and haptic feedback technology to build a departure from the rumble feedback known in the DualShock series. 


Rumble From Users

Twitterverse had mixed reactions to the statement.

Some feathers were ruffled when they learned that not all PS4 games can run in the new console or that the touted hardware is not fully backward compatible. While others were just content that they can still use their trusted DualShock 4 with the new console.

The official PlayStation account tweeted that there will be “no big PS5 announcement” on their scheduled State of Play this Thursday, 1:00 PM Pacific Time.

Of course, everybody is excited to find out if it is true. 


  1. I just found out Gamestop did their PS5 preorders. Aaannnd I already missed it! I guess I don’t mind rocking my PS4 for a while longer. I don’t know anyone who was able to get their preorder. Do you?


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