Israel Limits Protests

Israel recently passed a law that can restrict protesters’ and other citizens’ movement as part of the country’s emergency response to the virus on Wednesday, reports said.

According to the Straits Times, the law got 46 votes to 38. 

Critics of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes the law is for silencing people protesting against him. 

With the new law, Israel’s protesters cannot hold demonstrations more than one-kilometer away from their houses, per Al Jazeera.

According to the government, the measure will help in curbing COVID-19 infections.

However, critics pointed out that Netanyahu does not want protesters near his residence in Jerusalem. 

What’s next? Banning the opposition to address the parliament? Opposition leader Yair Lapid wrote on his tweet about the vote, per Al Jazeera. 

Other lawmakers also condemn the new law.

Yair Golan, former Israel Defense Forces major general, says it will not “stop the demonstrations” due to the increasing anger of people. 

“It will find its way out,” Gilan said, Al Jazeera reported. 

In fact, thousands of protesters have been gathering for weeks, calling for his resignation.

Recently, the Israeli government imposed a second national lockdown due to the resurgence of the virus. 

Since the start of the pandemic, Israel reported around 230,000 COVID-19 cases.

Also, more than 1,000 among the more than 200,000 have died due to it. 

The government imposed its first lockdown in March and lifted it in May. 

Calls for the Prime Minister’s Resignation

Israelis have been calling out for the Prime Minister’s resignation for months due to his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing unemployment cases. 

Last Sunday, protesters gathered in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Caesaria.

According to organizers of the protests, around 16,000 protesters attended those demonstrations, per another Al Jazeera report. 

Moreover, protesters believe he should step down while his trial is ongoing. 

Netanyahu was charged with bribery, fraud, and breach of trust, per Al Jazeera.


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