A protest staged early this year beside the flag of the UK

London authorities have arrested hundreds of protesters for violating coronavirus rules on the first day of England’s second lockdown, the Guardian and Sky News reported. 

According to reports, protesters joined the Million Mask Marchan annual march protesting for freedom, against militarization and police brutality.

Due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions in the UK, many people joined the event.

Protesters played music and chanted “no more lockdown” and “freedom” as they marched in Central London. 

The march, according to an Al Jazeera report, is associated with the group Anonymous.

Anonymous is a hacktivist movement known for its cyber-attacks against different government institutions and corporations.

Moreover, protesters involved in the march usually wear masks that depict Guy Fawkes, the man famous for trying to blow up the House of Lords in 17th Century England. 

However, during the march, it’s ironic that despite the march’s moniker, a lot of the protesters are not wearing face masks.

Furthermore, there are only a few wearing Guy Fawkes masks. 

According to the Guardian, the police initially had a hard time controlling the crowd, with officers asking the protesters to go home. 

Eventually, they started arresting the protesters, with some of them tackling the attendees on the ground.

The UK recently launched its 2nd lockdown as its COVID-19 cases get worse. It is now the 9th country in the world that has the highest number of positive COVID-19 cases. 

A man in a Guy Fawkes mask holding up a sign against the lockdown in UK

Against Lockdown and Lies

According to Sky News, organizers of the annual march urged people to join the march “to rise as one.” 

Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, joined the march on Thursday night. 

A few months ago, he paid £10,000 ($13,164.95) for his role in an August protest against lockdown. 

One of the arrested protesters from South London said their business was initially shut down for six months.

Now, it has closed again [because of the 2nd lockdown], per the Guardian.

The protester also claimed that the government is “lying” to the people.


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