Two protesters, a father, and a woman argued about defacing the National Palace on Saturday, Mexico News Daily reported. 

On Saturday, around 1000 protesters march in Mexico City to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the 43 disappeared students in Ayotzinapa. 

The father, whose son was murdered in Acapulco, Guerrero argued with a woman who was involved in the graffiti.

Protesters adorned the Palace walls with messages such as “it was the state,” “Ayotzinapa lives on,” and “justice.” 

According to the man, she and other protesters do not have any right to “scribble” on the palace. 

“It doesn’t belong to you,” the old man shouted, per Daily. 

The woman retorted and asked the man whether he cares more about walls than lives. 

The man answered that he joined the march because he “care[s] about Mexico,” his son, the students from Ayotzinapa, and the thousands more who are missing. 

However, he said that destroying the palace “is not the way to fight.”

To man argued that authorities will not listen to protesters vandalizing and defacing public properties. 

The female protester, however, took offense of the man’s answer and accused him of disrespecting her. 

Warrants Issued to Soldiers and Police

On Saturday, The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) announced that the court issued 25 new warrants for police and soldiers involved in Ayotzinapa, per another Daily report. 

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) addressed the parents of the missing students on the same day. 

In 2018, AMLO created a truth commission to investigate the 43 students’ disappearance. 

AMLO vowed that “there will be no cover-up” of the case, and asked the judges to help in advancing the case. 

AMLO claims the judiciary has “a lot of problems,” per the Daily. 

According to AMLO, the judiciary releases any culprit “for any reason.” 

In the past, authorities released some suspects after the UN reported that federal authorities committed torture against them. 


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