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Proposition 22, Slammed After companies Started Laying Off Workers

laid off employees next to an anti prop 22 sign

Workers from Albertsons and Vons in California are now facing the impact of the passage of Proposition 22, reports said. 

On Monday, comedian Adam Conover tweeted that “Vons and Albertsons” just laid off their delivery drivers and will replace them with DoorDash workers. 

DoorDash is another gig economy company that employs independent contractors as drivers. It is also one of the key backers of the proposition. 

The months-old law gives gig economy companies such as Uber and Lyft the right to classify their drivers as contractors rather than employees. 

However, it seems other companies are now making use of the proposition to lessen their obligations towards their employees. 

Because of proposition 22, companies are also allowed to deny their drivers benefits usually given to regular employees.

The Proposition Sparked Outrage

Conover’s tweet sparked outrage against the law. 

Sophia Bush, an actress and an activist calls the act “evil.” 

Aaron Peskin, a San Francisco supervisor, calls Proposition 22 an “assault to workers,” the worst in California’s history. 

Proposition 22 Outcome Was Not Surprising

Knock-LA reported that different stores owned by Albertsons Companies in California will fire their drivers in late February. This mass layoff includes Vons and Pavillions. 

Instead, stores will make use of a third-party delivery service, Door Dash. 

An Albertson spokesperson validated the changes in a statement, per Knock-LA. According to the statement, Albertsons will transition a portion of its “eCommerce operations to third-party logistics providers.” 

Moreover, the spokesperson defended the decision saying it will help the company create more efficient operations. Also, Albertsons decided with a “great deal of consideration.” 

However, Albertsons’ decision is not a surprising move. In fact, critics of Proposition 22 have been telling everyone before the election its negative effect on workers. 

For example, Keith Eberl said in a previous article in Knock-LA that Proposition 22 will change the “current law” so that “companies can shift their costs” to contractors. 

He also wrote that Proposition 22 will remove workers’ rights, protections, and benefits because it will block their ability to organize and bargain. 



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