Prince William beside an animation of the Coronavirus

British media reported that the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, had tested positive for the coronavirus n April. 

According to the Sun, the prince did not want to worry the people.

At that time, there are a lot of “important things going on,” the Duke of Cambridge said. 

“I didn’t want to worry anyone.” 

Prince William tested positive after his father, Prince Charles, and the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, were both reported to have COVID-19. 

At that time, the news reported that Prince Charles had mild symptoms of the virus, albeit testing positive. 

Prince Charles reported losing his sense of taste and smell while battling the virus. 

On the other hand, the Prime Minister did not fare as well and ended up at intensive care in April. 

In fact, it was so serious that Doctors have prepared to announce his death while he was battling the virus. 

After the two tested positive, Prince William was worried it would send the nation into a panic if they knew about his condition.

Moreover, the Duke of Cambridge isolated himself at the family home in Norfolk while the palace doctors treated him. 

England is planning to go through another COVID-19 lockdown, starting Friday due to its increasing cases.

Kate Middleton and Prince William in an event in 2019

Hard Working William 

The Sun added that despite the virus, the prince was still able to carry out 14 remote engagements in April. 

In fact, the virus hit the Duke of Cambridge pretty seriously that he “was struggling to breathe,” per a source, the Sun reported.

Despite that, the Prince was “determined” to fulfill his obligations, per the source.

For example, while in isolation, Prince William opened the Nightingale Hospital Birmingham through a video link. 

He was also present at a phonecall with the staff of the Queen’s Hospital Burton in Staffordshire to tell them “the whole country is proud of them.”


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