Emanuel Cleaver has used the term

Missouri Representative Emanuel Cleaver caused a debate online after concluding the 117th Congress’ opening prayer with “amen and a woman.”

Cleaver, a Methodist pastor, wrote on Twitter that he felt “honored to deliver the opening prayer for the 117th Congress.” 

Moreover, along with his written tweet is a video from C-Span of the opening prayer. Cleaver was heard saying, “amen and a woman” towards the end of the video. 

Pastor did not Get an Amen from Critics

According to the Independent, Cleaver’s prayer came after a committee proposed some changes in the use of gender-neutral terms as part of house rules. 

Moreover, the changes are proposed to “honor all gender identities” including the elimination of gendered words such as he and she.

This change might be the reason for Cleaver’s inclusion of “a woman” in his prayer. 

However, people are quick to point out the pastor’s mistake of gendering amen. 

Ben Shapiro, a conservative political commentator, called it dumb and explained what Amen means. According to him, it’s a “biblical Hebrew word” that means “may it be so.” 

Also, he added that it has nothing to do with the words man and woman. 

Another critic, Matt Walsh, a columnist at the Daily Wire, commented with sarcasm that the prayer is “racist and xenophobic.”

This comment is due to Cleaver’s inclusion of Brahma in his prayer, which he called a monotheistic God. 

Walsh tweeted that Cleaver “prays to ‘Brahma’ the Hindu God,” but did not include other gods such as Ahura Mazda or Huitzilopochtli. 

Emanuel Cleaver in his congress chair

Misplaced Priorities

Meanwhile, some Democrats are quick to point out conservatives’ misplaced priorities amidst the news of US President Donald Trump’s alleged election fraud. 

Charlotte Clymer, a veteran, criticized conservatives for “angrily explaining the Hebrew meaning of “amen” despite the Trump news. 

Recently, the Washington Post published a tapped phone call between Trump and a Georgian Official, Republican Brad Raffensperger. 

Trump, according to the Post, urges Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to reverse his defeat. 


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