The cast and creatives of ‘Pose‘, a Netflix series on New York’s ballroom culture scene set in the 80s, speak out against J.K. Rowlings, author of the ‘Harry Potter’ book series. This came after Rowlings’ “anti-trans” tweet. In an interview with Variety, Indya Moore, who plays Angel in the series, said that Rowling is:

“Not even understanding how much death and violence are behind all of those opinions that she’s sharing on social media right now. Like she’s contributing to so much violence through her airing out her thoughts and ideas and opinions. She’s contributing to a stigma that is continuing to take our lives today.”

She added that the author’s comment felt hurtful, but not surprising.

Steven Canals, the series’ co-creator agreed with Moore, and thinks that the issue with the famous author is, “her lack of acknowledgment or realization that it’s her privilege that allows her to even be able to voice those opinions in the first place.”

Dominique Jackson who plays Elektra said that there is still a lot of work and fighting to do when it comes to transgender rights and equality. MJ Rodriguez, who plays Blanca said, the lack of understanding from the author clearly shows a generational gap. 

Pose Cast

Two weeks ago, Rowling’s response to an article on “people who menstruate” had garnered backlash from social media, especially from the LGBTQ+ community.

On Wednesday, she published a blog on her reason for speaking out about Sex and Gender Issues. 

In the past weeks, there have also been other people in mainstream media, celebrities, and social media influencers that have also spoken out against the famous Harry Potter author.

This also comes within the same month that many celebrities spoke out against police brutality. Which many say it’s plaguing the United States.


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