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Is the pope doing enough to make LGBTs feel welcome in the Church, or is it only lip service?

Pope Francis shares his support for same-s*x couples’ civil union in a recent documentary shown at the Rome Film Festival on Wednesday, reports said. 

According to reports, Pope Francis said during the documentary that LGBTs “have a right to be part of the family” because they are “children of God.”

He added that we need to “create a civil union law,” to ensure same-s*x couples are legally protected. 

“I stood up for that,” he said. 

The documentary, Francesco, “highlights the challenges of our time” and the Church’s mission for people who suffer injustice. 

It is also a documentary about Pope Francis’s life. 

The film also tackles on different social issues that the world is experiencing today, such as racism, se*ual abuse, and the pandemic itself.  

Moreover, the pope’s documentary will also receive the Kinéo Prize for promoting social and humanitarian themes.

Hands of different complexions point towards a gay person

Not the First Time to Show LGBT Support

This is the first time that the pope, during his papacy stint, publicly shares his support for same-s*x civil union for LGBT couples. 

However, it is not the first time that he showed his support to the LGBT community. 

In fact, just this month, the pope met with a group of parents with LGBT children.

He told them that God loves their children because they are also children of God. 

The same sentiment he has since he became the pontiff.

For example, in 2013, he shared during an interview to welcome LGBTs who are in search of God into the Church.

According to the pope, if someone who is a homosexual is of “good will and is in search of God” he is “no one to judge.”

He has also been supportive of same-s*x civil unions since his stint as the Archbishop for Buenos Aires. 

Although not of same-s*x marriage.

The Pope Should Start Moving Towards Real Solutions

It seems like same-s*x marriage in the Catholic Church is still a long way to go, or maybe even impossible.  

However, it is good for the LGBT community to hear that the pope supports civil union laws to protect the rights of same-s*x couples. 

Moreover, the pope’s words have become a ray of hope for a lot of LGBT couples and families, who are also Catholics. 

In fact, some people who have decided to leave the Church before are thinking of going back again. 

However, are they enough?

The pope is known for his support for the LGBT community and his progressive views when it comes to social issues and justice. 

Also, he is one of the most powerful and influential persons in the world. 

It would be helpful if the pope can forward more real solutions that can help LGBT Christians in different parts of the world feel welcome and maybe feel safe.

For example, Brazil has one of the highest rates of LGBT and Trans murder rates in the world. 

The majority of the people there are also Catholics. 

Maybe, the Church can start with real actions.

For example, openly welcoming LGBTs into the clergy.


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