Politician Tested Positive For COVID-19

Herman Cain, American politician and businessman tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently in an Atlanta-area hospital. 

On Thursday, Cain’s team posted a statement on the politician’s health status in his Twitter account. 

Cain got the news that he had tested positive for COVID-19 on June 29th, as per the statement.

On July 1st, he was sent to the hospital due to worsening symptoms of the virus and stayed there overnight. 

Furthermore, Cain “did not require a respirator” and as of July 2nd, is “awake and alert. 

The statement also said that there is no way to know where he got the virus. 

Cain tested positive a week after he attended President Donald Trump’s rally, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Not From The Campaign Rally

Many people assumed that Cain got the virus from Trump’s Tulsa campaign rally

However, Dan Calabrese, editor of HermanCain.com, doesn’t think so. 

“I know there will be questions,” he said. 

“I realize people will speculate about the Tulsa rally, but Herman did a lot of traveling the past week”. 

Calabrese added, that, there is no way to trace the virus to “one specific contact that caused him to be infected”. 

Thus, “we will never know,” he concluded. 

Terrence K. Williams, comedian posted in his Twitter account defending the Tulsa rally. 

“I was with Hermain Cain at the Trump Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma,” he wrote. 

“Stop blaming President Trump and the Tulsa Rally because we were tested before the Rally and After the Rally!”

Williams emphasized that, in fact, President Trump and his campaign put the participants’ safety on top.  


Social Media Response

A lot of people offered prayers and wished Cain a fast recovery. 

However, a lot of people also noted a post from Cain during the Trump campaign rally. 

In his post, Cain was sitting with other Black supporters of Trump, not wearing any mask. 


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