Jada Pinkett Smiths confirming her past relationship

American actress and producer Jada Pinkett Smith confessed that she had an “entanglement” with R&B singer August Alsina in a one on one conversation with her husband, American actor, and rapper, Will Smith.

Recently, the Hollywood power couple has been tangled in controversy after Alsina revealed his past relationship with Pinkett Smith. 

On July 2, Pinkett Smith posted a cryptic announcement in The Red Table’s official Twitter page:

“There’s some healing that needs to happen…so I’m bringing myself to The Red Table.”

One week after her post, a 12-minute video was uploaded on The Red Table Talk’s Facebook page. 

In it are Pinkett Smith and her husband, Smith tackling the issue of Pinkett Smith’s alleged relationship with Alsina. 

The Red Table Talk

The image here emphasizes the confirmation made by Jada Smith and Will Smith on Facebook Watch Red Table. The reason why the images are three it's because someone was involved in their relationship.

The couple started with a clarification that they have never said anything to the media ever since the controversy began.  

Moreover, facing each other on the Red Table is the couple’s effort to finally end the rumors and the “cycle”. 

Pinkett Smith confessed that the situation is something she considers “private”. 

However, “Black Twitter has claimed it as their business,” said Smith, jokingly. 

The couple tagged the whole event as a “very personal journey that became very public”. 

Four and a half years ago the couple began a friendship with Alsina, stating the family’s concern with his health. 

At the same time, Pinkett Smith also revealed that she and her husband were going through some “difficult times”. 

Both have thought that their marriage was already over. 

“Marriages have that though,” said Smith. 

They “broke up,” said Pinkett Smith. 

The situation had resulted in Pinkett Smith, getting involved in a different kind of “entanglement”, with August” she said.

They also clarified the rumor that has been going around in media, wherein, according to them, Smith had permitted it. 

“The only person I could permit in that particular circumstance is myself,” Pinkett Smith clarified. 

The situation may have been that way for Alsinas since the two separated “amicably”, she added. 

The whole journey was a healing process, said Pinkett Smith. 

The Smiths also addressed how their reaction to the situation, like joking about it might seem “strange” to other people. 

However, the stuff happened years ago, and both have already gotten past through it, they said.


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