US photographer Mark Seliger is set to auction off portraits of Hollywood stars and famous people to raise money for the fight against coronavirus, said CNN.

Among the notable names his Seliger roster of photographed stars are Brad Pitt and Amy Schumer.

Selinger is known for his portraits of celebrities, politicians, and musicians for Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair magazines, said the report.

“My career has been built on connecting with and understanding people and their stories with the desire to represent them in a way that is authentic and, in some cases, a bit fantastic,” said Seliger in the press release.

“My team and I have curated a special group of prints for this auction that illustrate some of my favorite subjects and moments from the last 30 years,” he added.

According to a press release, soon these pictures will be made available in aid of fundraising and advocacy campaign RADArt4Aid.

The campaign brings together Mark Seliger Studio, RAD (Red Carpet Advocacy) and Christie’s, which will auction the works from May 28 to June 12.

There will be 25 portraits up for auction, including images of Barack Obama, Jennifer Aniston, Johnny Cash, Billie Eilish, and Oprah Winfrey, and proceeds will be donated to a charity, said CNN.

Bids will be online, and there will be a number of videos explaining the stories behind the images that will go under the hammer.

Other portraits up for auction include Kurt Cobain, Laura Dern, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dr. Dre, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerry Garcia, Keith Richards, Nicole Kidman, Jerry Seinfeld, Snoop Dogg, and Reese Witherspoon.

Seliger’s work also features heavily at an exhibition celebrating 40 years of Vanity Fair magazine.


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