The featured image are two persons having a deal. It symbolizes Pfizer and US sealing the deal of coronavirus vaccine.

US President Donald Trump announced at a press conference on Wednesday that the administration had reached an agreement with Pfizer on its creation of a coronavirus vaccine.

Trump calls the agreement a “historic” one. 

According to him, Pfizer committed to “produce and deliver 100 million doses” of coronavirus vaccine, “immediately following its approval”.

The agreement also ensures an additional number of 500 million doses of vaccine in accordance with “Operation Warp Speed”. 

This, according to Trump, “is a crucial step” to “develop, manufacture and distribute a vaccine in record-breaking time”. 

What is Operation Warp Speed(OWS)?

Operation Warp Speed is an effort by the Trump administration to deliver a “safe” and “effective” COVID-19 vaccine by January 2021. 

OWS aims to bring “vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics to the American people in record time,” said HHS Secretary, Alex Azar. 

Moreover, OWS plans to reach its goal by “investing and coordinating countermeasure development,” as per HHS.

The Congress “directed almost $10 billion” to the project via supplemental funding, as per HHS. 

A Race to Find the Best COVID-19 Cure

Ever since the coronavirus blew up and became a pandemic, scientists have been in a race to produce a cure. 

Among them are different biopharmaceutical companies, racing to create the most effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine. 

AstraZeneca, Moderna, NovaVax, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pfizer are just some of the companies ahead of the COVID-19 race, as per Forbes. 

Recently, AstraZeneca has been making its wave in the news.

Scientists have been seeing a good response from its early trial, as per Oxford University.

The vaccine “trigger both arms of the immune system,” said Dr. Adrian Hill, Director of the Jenner Institute, Oxford University.

Why Pfizer?

The image is the logo of Pfizer.

The US government has now 5 investments in vaccine portfolios, said Azar in an interview with CNBC

However, based on Pfizer’s clinical trial data, phase 1 has been doing better than the others, as per Azar.

The vaccine neutralizes antibodies at an equal or greater level than recovered COVID-19 patients’ convalescent plasma, said Azar.


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