The British house of parliament fronted with the flag of England

More than 200,000 people in the UK signed a petition against subsidizing meals for the members of the parliament. 

The petition came after MPs voted against a motion to provide free school meals for children during the holidays until Easter next year, per a Unilad report

According to Full Factan independent fact-checking website, MPs can use up to £25 ($32.66) per night for food expenses while traveling. 

Also, MPs can eat and drink in the parliament’s establishments, which in some way, the public still subsidizes through its catering operations.  

Moreover, according to Unilad, taxpayers subsidize £57,000 ($74461.38) each week for politicians’ food and drink at Westminister. 

No Public Money for MP’s Meals

Public money should be spent on the people who need them the most, per the petition. 

“We the electorate demand an end to the practice of paying expenses to MPs for food and drink,” said Portia Lawrie, creator of the petition. 

According to her, parliamentary establishments should charge MPs at “market rates.” 

As of Friday, the petition already amassed more than 200,000 votes, nearing its goal of 300,000 signatures. 

According to the petition, “MPs have voted against” extending children’s free school meals in the middle of the pandemic. 

Children affected, according to the petition, include the poorest in the UK. 

The petition argued that if the taxpayers’ money “cannot feed the poorest” in the society, why are MPs who least need it being fed by the public?

The petition also pointed out that MPs already get salaries as public servants.

In addition, they might receive an increase in their salaries soon.

Marcus Rashford beside the McDonald's arch

Marcus Rashford and McDonald’s to the Rescue

After the MPs rejected the motion pushed by Manchester United’s striker, Marcus Rashford, restaurants and cafes started offering free meals for kids. 

According to a Sun report, the striker was “blown away” with the support after the government rejected the motion.

The fast-food giant, McDonald’s, also chipped in with the cause.

In fact, it offered 1million free meals for children, per another Sun report.  


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