Peruvian president, Martin Vizcarra has been ousted

President Martín Vizcarra of Peru went along with the decision of congress to oust him, according to a CNN report.

President Vizcarra faced impeachment over corruption allegations, per Deutsche Welle(DW).

Also, there are claims that he mishandled the coronavirus pandemic.

Vizcarra is set to leave the House of Pizarro, the Government Palace in Lima on Monday, CNN reported.

Women line up in Lima, Peru to buy from stores

Unsatisfactory And Incompetent

DW reported that 105 legislators supported Vizcarra’s removal from office, which exceeded the required 87 votes.

Critics say the legislators were casting their vote on account of dead loved ones, DW reported.

Lawmaker Robinson Gupioc said during the debate that Vizcarra’s “negligence and incapacity” resulted in the loss of “thousands of compatriots.”

Simply Acquiesced And Stepped Down

Vizcarra allegedly took hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, said DW.

However, he rejects the allegations and said he will not dispute the impeachment nor take any legal action to counter it.

Moreover, CNN reported that Vizcarra, surrounded by his cabinet, delivered a speech on Monday.

“Today I am leaving the presidential palace. Today I am going home,” Vizcarra said in the courtyard of the Government Palace.

Vizcarra also said “history and the Peruvian people will judge the decisions each of us made,” per the Guardian.

According to the Guardian, Vizcarra said he left the office with “a clear conscience.” 

CNN reported that Vizcarra often clashed with lawmakers and made a lot of enemies in congress over his anti-graft agenda.

A Peru expert from the Washington Office on Latin America advocacy group tweeted her stance.

The allegations do “seem to have some basis” but do not “merit impeachment,” tweeted Jo-Marie Burt.

In fact, Vizcarra even pledged to “submit to an investigation at the end of his term,” Burt added.

Who will replace Vizcarra?

As dictated by the Peruvian constitution, the head of the congress would temporarily take over until the end of July 2021.

Thus, Congress member, Manuel Merino, an agriculturist and a businessman, will take an oath of office on Tuesday, per Reuters.

His term would be a short one, as the general elections will take place on April 11.

In mid-September, Vizcarra’s government had accused Merino of trying to involve the Armed Forces in the request for Vizcarra’s deposition, per Reuters.

A Well-Camouflaged or A Blatant Coup? 

Lawmakers warned that the decision would intensify the instability in the country, according to the BBC.

George Forsyth, a mayor and one of the early front-runners for the 2021 election, tweeted:

“This is a coup in disguise.” 

Francisco Sagastegui, a lawmaker, called the vote a poorly-made “decision,” per CNN.

This “decision” will add much more “uncertainty, create problems,” and affect our citizens severely,” Sagastegui said.


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