If there is a perfect sport that fits right in the current demand of our time: social distancing. This sport fits the bill, right on the money (pun intended), and needs a few requirements.

Think about it: it already has a cult following; participants played inside a transparent cage; players can win up to millions of dollars; and, it only involves little to virtually no physical activity.

We are talking about e-sports. All it takes are personal computers, game software, and a very good internet connection.

Plus, there are games for every type of player imaginable. Here are the top categories you should be familiar with, if you are looking to enter the game.

Real-time Strategy Games.

 This type of game always starts with resources gathering or territory grabbing. There you get to generate your very own army, upgrade their gears, and your defenses. All until such time you muster enough troops to harass your opponent or completely obliterate it. 

Perspective wise, it gives you an overview of the terrain that you conquered or the very least when you place a single piece of your massive army.

Under this category, StarCraft I and II are always the first thing in mind because it’s the one that almost started it all. Some other games that fall under this category as well are Red Alert and Company of Heroes, among others.

First-Person Shooter Game. 

As the name suggests, the perspective is a first-person. It starts with selecting your choice of weapon, much like John Wick 2, then you start shooting. There is a friendly fire move, so be careful where you aim that gun.

Samples of this type of game are Counter-Strike, and the current popular one is Fortnite.

The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). 

This is a bit a hybridization of both the first and second games. Your perspective is an overview, but you only have one piece to control. But this is more highly customizable.

Defense of the Ancient (DOTA) 1 and 2 is the most played in this category. 

Though this game is popular with the youth, there is no rule that prohibits others from trying, looking for the game that fits you, and ultimately enjoy playing. 

To Summarize: 

The online arena is by far a great equalizer that has significantly leveled the playing field for many that now are even considered celebrities in their own right. There are no age bracket, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs that you need to grapple with. Tells in the comments, if your a current gamer or what you think about our opinion, what games did we fail to mention? 


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