Videos and images of an orange haze and raging fires across California and Oregon, and Washington have been making their round on social media recently. 

Recently, a series of wildfires have been ravaging the West Coast, including California.

In California, the wildfires are due to extreme weather conditions. 

According to California Governor Gavin Newsom, more than 2 million acres of land have been burned in the state this year, Newsom said in a press conference.

Last year, there were only 118,000 acres burned due to wildfires.

Newsom cited Climate Change as one of the main reasons for the fires.

As per Newsom, California “has invested more” for wildfire prevention now compared to other times in California’s history. 

For example, California experienced this year, “unprecedented record temperatures” and around 14,000 lightning strikes within 72 hours. 

According to Newsom, all of these are factors to the spread of wildfires happening across the state. 

What People Are Saying 

Along with the images and videos are people’s call to pass a Green New Deal as an answer to this environmental catastrophe some states are experiencing now.

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey tweeted with a picture of a red Bay Area: 

“This cannot become our new normal,” he wrote.

“We must pass a Green New Deal.”

Bernie Sanders also tweeted a response to California’s “brutal heat waves” and “wildfires” saying, “We must defeat Trump and pass a Green New Deal.”

What Is The Green New Deal?

In 2018, environmental scientists during an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported about the possible global warming effects worldwide if nothing is to be done by the governments. 

The global warming effects include, “wildfires” more than the numbers typically burned before 2019, immense loss in coral reefs, millions of people dying due to heat stress, mass migration, and loss of more than trillions of dollars in the economy. 

These will all get worse by 2050. 

They also added that to avoid these effects there needs to be adjustments to human activities. 

Global emission should be at “net-zero” by 2050, and reduced “greenhouse gas emissions.”

This Green New Deal is a climate legislation sponsored by New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The Bill was introduced to the House in 2019 and has since stayed as a Bill. 

According to this house bill, “it is the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal” as a solution for reducing global emissions and slow down climate change.

However, critics have shot the bill down due to the high cost of implementing it. 

A study even says it would cost around $93 trillion.


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