The featured image is James Corden. The article is about him allegedly replacing Ellen DeGeneres show.

English TV host, James Corden, might replace American TV, host Ellen DeGeneres, on her show, The Sun reported. 

However, people aren’t ecstatic about the possible switch. 

Bad Reputation?

Corden’s name trended on Twitter, on Sunday morning. 

Critics of the male TV host posted stories about his alleged past questionable actions. 

Some even claim that British people hate him for being an ‘a–hole’. 

According to his critics, replacing DeGeneres with Corden is not a good move due to his reputation. 

Some Twitter users claim Corden’s image of being kind is just for the cameras. 

One Twitter user, Louis Peitzman, described Corden as “famously kind James Corden.”

Some Twitter users suggested other possible choices to replace DeGeneres, like Kate McKinnon or Ellen Page. 

One Twitter user, Robert Richmond, even explained why Page is a better choice due to her name and s—al identity. 

Toxic Work Issues and Moving Forward

DeGeneres has been in hot waters lately due to allegations of a “toxic work culture” happening in her TV show.

Former employees of The Ellen DeGeneres Show told Buzzfeed News that the show’s “be kind” motto is “bull–t.”

It only takes place when the cameras are rolling, they said. 

They also shared that behind the scenes, employees face different kinds of bad experiences, such as “racism, fear, and intimidation.” 

On July 30th, the talk show host apologized to her staff via a letter, as per an US Weekly report. 

According to DeGeneres, the allegations are “the opposite” of what she believes and hopes for her show. 

The TV show host went on and vowed to “correct the issues.”

No One is Going Off the Air

On Friday, Andy Lassner, Executive Producer of the TV show, posted a positive tweet about his 2020 getting better. 

One follower replied to his tweet, wishing him well in case the show “goes off the air.”

Lassner replied, “nobody is going off the air.”


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