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There’s no trace of US Vice President Mike Pence on Twitter’s trending list. 

On Tuesday, Americans will decide what kind of future they want for the next four years. Will it be another four years of a Republican-led government, or a different four years with Democrats on the helm.

And so, on the day before the elections, and on the morning of Tuesday, candidates make their final bids to rally people into voting for them. 

In addition to that, voters also trended their candidates’ names to increase the support for their chosen candidates. 

However, if you look closely at Twitter’s trending list, it seems something is, or someone is missing.

On Tuesday morning, Americans trended #VoteBidenHarrisToSaveAmerica and #TRUMP2020Landside on Twitter. 

Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris are all trending. 

However, Republican’s vice-presidential candidate, Mike Pence, is missing. 

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Where is Mike Pence? 

The Republican’s Vice Presidential candidate, Pence, went to a total of four rallies on Monday in Pennsylvania and Michigan, the Intelligencer reported. 

He was campaigning and making up for the campaign trail Trump lost during the pandemic, said the Intelligencer.

On the eve of the elections, Pence also spoke at the Westmoreland County Rally, where he discussed many issues important to Republicans, per CBS Pittsburgh.

For example, on abortion, the second amendment, and the economy.

He also hit the Biden-Harris campaign in his speech and said the two want to ban “fracking and fossil fuels.” 

Pennsylvania is home to US’ large coal producers, and the first major oil wells.

Also, fracking is an important part of its economy. 

Although the Trump campaign has been aggressive in pointing out Biden’s plan to ban fracking, the former Vice President denies it. 

According to a CNBC report, Biden has said he will not end fracking in the US. 

However, analysts, per CNBC, say he might increase regulations on it. 

For example, he might limit methane emissions and fracking on federal land. 

According to Pittsburgh, Pence, towards the end of his speech, also talked about the Trump administration’s COVID-19 efforts. 

Pence discussed how they have “reinvented testing” for COVID-19. 

Pennsylvania reported more than 200,000 COVID-19 cases and is currently increasing. 


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