It seems like its raining peace prize nominations recently as both US presidential candidates were nominated by different countries this time. 

Academics and politicians nominated US President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Members of national governments, academics, and former Nobel Peace Prize winners can submit their nominations to the prestigious awarding institution. 

A few days ago, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, also got a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Trump’s Nomination Based on the “Trump Doctrine”

Four Australian law professors, including a constitutional monarchist, David Flint, nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. 

According to Sky News, the four Australian professors nominated Trump due to the “Trump Doctrine.” 

The Trump Doctrine is “something extraordinary,” and demonstrates Trump’s guiding principles, Flint told Sky News. 

According to Flint, two things guide the US President, one is his “common sense,” and the other is “national interest.”

Recently, Trump brokered a “historical deal” between two middle eastern countries, called the Abraham Accords.

According to Flint, Trump used his “common sense” and negotiated directly with the Arab states involved in the deal. 

Trump “negotiated against all advice,” Flint added.

After the peace deal with Israel and the UAE, other Arab states “are lining up,” per Flint. 

For example, the Kingdom of Bahrain announced its interest in joining the peace deal following UAE and Israel’s agreement. 

Bahrain also joined in the ceremonial signing at the White House on September 15. 

Trump is “reducing America’s tendency to get involved” in wars, which “none of his predecessors did,” said Flint. 

Flint concluded that Trump “fully deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.” 

Earlier this month, a right-leaning Norwegian lawmaker nominated Trump to the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Biden’s Nomination

Chris Bryant, a senior member of the British Parliament nominated former Vice President, Biden for the Nobel Peace Prize, per Evening Standard. 

Bryant, a member of the UK’s Labour Party, argued Biden earns himself a nomination for his dedication to the use of “arguments” instead of resorting to “violent solutions.”

“Guns can stop a heart,” Bryant said. 

However, “well-placed words can change many hearts, and many hearts can change a world,” he added.


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