The internet is not having it, after news of Kayleigh McEnany criticizing cancel culture due to the disappearance of the animated series, Paw Patrol became viral on Twitter. 

The Press Secretary was wrapping up a press briefing on Friday when she criticized the “cancel culture”, said a Deadline report. 

US President Donald Trump was also “appalled by cancel culture” especially in canceling stuff related to cops, said McEnany. 

“A few weeks ago” the cartoon show about cops, “Paw Patrol” was canceled, added McEnany. 

Other “cop” shows that also got canceled, said McEnany is Live PD and Cops. 

Lego also stopped selling its “Lego City police station,” she added. 

McEany also shared the President’s stance for the police. 

It is “unfortunate”, she said. 

Trump “stands with the 53% of Americans who believe police officers have the most important jobs in the country,” she said. 

Deadline contacted Nickelodeon, the company in charge of airing the show to confirm Paw Patrol’s status. 

According to them, the show is still running and it was not canceled. 

Plain Rumors

In June, different media posts reported that Paw Patrol has been canceled due to its portrayal of cops. 

But they were false, they are just rumors, as per a fact-checking effort conducted by the Republic World.

The rumors started on June 7th, as per Deadline, when the show’s Twitter page posted a Tweet on “muting” its content. 

“In solidarity of #amplifymelanatedvoice we will be muting our content until June 7th,” the show wrote. 

The reason for its muting is to give more access for Black voices to be heard, it added. 

People’s Reactions

A lot of people are not happy with McEnany’s remarks.  

Some of them even took notice of the White House’s “misinformation campaign.”

While others took notice of the White House’s lack of prioritization on issues being faced by Americans. 

Others also fact-checked McEnany, saying her words are not true since Paw Patrol is still around. 

What Is Paw Patrol?

The series is an animation geared towards children. 

It is also about a squad of dog helpers with specific skills used during emergencies. 


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