Paul Rudd giving a speech next to a cookie

For some Brooklyn voters, it really pays to be early after they caught Hollywood’s nice guy, Paul Rudd, giving cookies to people on Thursday.

Rudd was waiting outside the polling center to thank voters for exercising their civic responsibility of voting.

The news has become a breath of fresh air amidst the political turmoil caused by the elections.

According to CNN, the weather was not good when the Ant-Man actor showed up early at the polls.

 With his mask on, he handed out “blueberry-and-cream cookies” to voters. 

Guster’s drummer, Brian Rosenworcel, took a video of Rudd giving voters cookies. 

Rosenworcel was surprised when he saw the actor give out cookies to the people in line. 

“I thought Paul was just there to vote,” he said, per the Hill.

He added that Rudd was waiting “to greet people,” exiting the polling place “to say thanks for voting in the rain.” 

NowThis, a social media news organization, ran into Rudd at the polls when he was giving out cookies.

They’re also able to interview the 51-year-old actor. 

Rudd shared in the interview why he gave people cookies. 

“It should not be hard to vote,” Rudd told NowThis. 

The actor added that people should be able to get the “day off from work,” and there should be a lot of polling places. 

People who are waiting in line to vote early deserves gratitude and recognition, he said, as they are doing their part as citizens. 

According to ElectProject, more than 80,000,000 Americans have already voted for the elections. 

A screengrab from a video showing Rudd giving out cookies

Mask Up, Fellow Millenials

Last month, the Rudd trended after urging his “fellow millennials” to wear their masks as part of a Public Service Announcement for New Yorkers. 

According to Rudd, apparently, a lot of millennials have contributed to the transmission of the virus. 

The PSA is also part of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s campaign for Mask Up America.


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