Mahomes Scores Record Breaking Contract

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes scored a lucrative contract, said a CNN report.

Mahomes will remain with the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs.

He signed a 10-year contract extension that his agent said is the most lucrative contract in sports history.

Mahomes, who won the NFL MVP award, will remain with the Chiefs through the 2031 NFL season.

Record Shattering Contract

In a post on Instagram, Mahomes’ agent Chris Cabott underscored the historic nature of the massive contract. 

Cabott wrote on his Instagram that the contract checked all the boxes in sports history.

He said:

“(Cabott is the) first half-billion-dollar player in sports history. 

“(He has the) largest contract in sports history. 

“First time NFL player has been the highest-paid player in sports history.”

Cabott wrote this alongside a picture of Mahomes signing the contract.

How Much Are We Talking About?

If you ask ESPN and NFL Network, the 10-year extension is reportedly worth $450 million. 

ESPN was the first to report the terms of the contract.

While the NFL Network followed suit.

According to the report, the extension will greatly improve the total potential value of Mahomes’ current contract.

This will go as much as $503 million between the 2020 and 2031 NFL seasons, said the report.

Patrick Mahomes Scores Lucrative Contract
Patrick Mahomes

Significant Sports Stats

Chiefs Chairman and CEO, Clark Hunt, claimed it is a momentous event for the franchise.

Hunt said:

“This is a significant moment for our franchise and for the Chiefs Kingdom,” 

“Since he joined (us), Patrick has developed into one of the most prolific athletes in all of sports.

“He’s an extraordinary leader and a credit to the Kansas City community, 

“I’m delighted that he will be a member of the Chiefs for many years to come.”

Meanwhile, Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid, expressed his excitement at the prospect of coaching Mahomes for the foreseeable future.

Reid said:

“I’ve had the privilege of coaching a lot of incredible athletes and special people in my career.

“Patrick is without question on that list of players. The best part is he’s still early in his career.”


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