Alabama representative, Will Dismukes, resigned from his role as a pastor on Wednesday, as per a Washington Post report. 

Dismukes resigned from the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Prattville, amid growing calls for him to step down as a representative. 

The backlash is due to Dismukes’ post, honoring Ku Klux Klan’s first grand wizard, Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. 

On Tuesday, Dismukes told WSTFA that he won’t step down from his position as an Alabama State representative. 

However, leaders from his party called for his resignation, said the post. 

According to WSTFA, The Young Republican Federation of Alabama (YRFA), officially condemned Dismukes. 

Alabama State Senator, Clyde Chambliss, posted on Twitter a few days ago, calling for Dismukes resignation. 

Dismukes “does not represent my views of the vast majority of people of District 88,” he wrote. 

He also condemns Dismukes’ actions as an “elected official” attending a celebration for a person who “killed other human beings.” 

Will Dismukes

Lack Of “Understanding and Judgement”

In his tweet, Chambliss also criticized Dismukes’ lack of “understanding and judgment.”  

According to Dismukes, he’s “surprised” by people’s response to his Facebook post celebrating Forrest, as per a WSFA report. 

He also blames the “anti-southern sentiment” for the condemnations. 

The Controversial Facebook Post

Dismukes shared his involvement on the celebration in a now-deleted Facebook post, 

“Had a great time at Fort Dixie,” he wrote. 

Dismukes also spoke and gave the invocation to the late Confederate General’s “annual birthday celebration”.

According to Dismukes, he “always” has “a great time” and “good eating.”

Following his post, five local Baptist Church leaders reaffirmed a statement on the issue of racism. 

Rick Lance, Executive Director of the Alabama Baptist Convention State Board of Missions, posted a “Credo Concerning Racism” in his blog.

They were “saddened and grieved” to learn of Dismukes’s Facebook post, they said. 


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