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A social media app, Parler has recently become Google and Apple’s most downloaded application.

Learning from its lessons from the 2016 elections, FacebookTwitter, and other social media platforms vowed to lessen misinformation during the elections this year. 

It also means cracking down on those posts and including labels to inform other people of the post’s validity. 

The actions have pushed the conservative parts of Twitter to find an alternative platform where they can freely share their posts without getting tagged as questionable. 

In comes Parler, a social media platform that boasts of free speech as one of the foundations of its being.

According to CNET and Techcrunch, people started flocking to the app since US President Donald Trump lost the elections. 

This digital diaspora has made Parler the top downloaded app from Google and Apple’s app stores on Monday, CNET reported.  

According to Techcrunch, another social media app, Parlor, trended across the two app stores’ due to possible misspellings of Parler. 

Moreover, on November 8 alone, around 636,000 people have downloaded the app. 

Parler has now around 3.6 million installs in the US alone, per the Sensor Tower. 

A trump placard beside the Parler logo

Increasing Numbers

Some prominent conservative personalities have convinced their followers of leaving Twitter to follow them on Parler instead.

American lawyer and radio personality, Mark Levin, told his followers on Twitter to join and follow him in Parler. 

He added, he might not stay on Facebook or Twitter “if they continue censoring” him. 

Former NYPD officer, Dan Bongino, who partially owned the app shared on Twitter the good news to his supporters. 

Parler is “still NUMBER ONE!” he said.

What is Parler?

According to its site, Parler is a Nevada based application that “aims to make “social media a more social place.”

The platform also prides itself on the protection of its users’ “rights and privacy” and treating everyone as equal without biases. 

In fact, Parler has offered some groups that were banned from other platforms like Twitter for violating its policies. 

For example, the Proud Boys, a self-proclaimed “western chauvinist” group, has been in the app since their ban from Twitter. 


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