Parler App Banned by Major Tech Companies

Parler next to a rioter in DC

Parler, a social networking platform popular among pro-Trump supporters and conservatives, said goodbye on Monday. 

The goodbye came after Apple, Google, and Amazon decided to drop them off their app stores. 

The app boasts it offers “free speech” on its platform and claims it treats everyone’s opinions and views equally, without any biases. 

In November last year, Parler experienced a surge of downloads after US President Donald Trump lost the elections. 

Parler App Banned by Apple, Amazon, Google, and Many More

On Sunday, Parler’s CEO, John Matze, said on Fox News that all business associated with Parler abandoned his social networking app. The move came after Amazon, Google, and Apple have decided to end their agreements with Parler.

According to Matze, various vendors like email providers, text message services, and even their lawyers have all abandoned Parler on the same day. 

Moreover, Matze also claims Parler is getting unfair treatment from those services.

In fact, according to him, businesses have all worked together to “kill the app” and “destroy the entire company.” 

It might even put the company out of business, added Matze. He also calls it an issue against free speech and an “assault on everybody.” 

Moreover, he said that the company is trying its best to “get back online as quickly as possible.” 

Why the Ban? 

The three big tech plus other companies’ ban on Parler came after the chaos that took place in Capitol Hill last week. Last week, pro-Trump supporters breached Capitol to stop the certification of Joe Biden to the presidency. The incident has taken the lives of five people and injured many police officers. In fact, one of those who died is a Capitol Police officer. 

The act of taking Parler off from different app stores came amid growing concerns that the app has become a breeding ground for promoting violence, leading to the attack on Capitol.



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