The indigenous leader Kawore Parakana of the Parakana people is aware that a portion of the Amazon rainforest has gone up in flames whenever there’s smoke on the horizon, Reuters reported.

The Parakana people who inhabit the Apyterewa reservation have been fighting for decades to safeguard their land.

However, illegal miners, loggers, and farmers have been clearing large sections of the forest trees.

Where There’s Smoke…There’s Deforestation

There is a massive “amount of deforestation” every day as they “create” enormous fields, Kawore said.

A Supreme Court decision recently allowed the municipality to supervise the reservation.

Kawore and fellow Parakanas are terrified that more trees will be torched since the presence of encroaching farmers became “legalized.”

(In)Justice Of The Supreme Federal Court 

Justice Gilmar Mendes paved the way for negotiations between Brazil’s government and the municipality of Sao Felix do Xingu in May.

The municipality wants to scale down the Indigenous territory for the sake of an alliance of local farmers.

Unconstitutional Domino Effect

Making the indigenous protected lands available for development, according to Land rights activists, is unconstitutional.

The court refers to the negotiations as conciliation.

The activists warn that it could create a domino effect for the reduction of other Indigenous territories all over Brazil. 

Moreover, the Court’s decision can have a negative long-term effect on indigenous land rights in the Amazon, says Carlos Fausto, a National Museum anthropologist.

“All indigenous land” will be targeted starting now, Fausto told the Thomson Reuters Foundation

Non-negotiable As The Consitution Dictates 

(Indigenous) Land rights, per Constitution, are “non-disposable” and are not subject to any negotiation,” said Luiz Eloy Terena, of Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation (APIB).

The lawyer from Brazil’s main Indigenous federation explained there are several upcoming similar hearings about land conflicts.

Those hearings may be impacted by the result of the Apyterewa negotiations, Attorney Terena added.

Initially, the Parakana were not asked to take part in the negotiations about their land, said Terena.


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