The aftermath of the blast with the investigation under way

The police and a hospital spokesperson said that a powerful blast at the Muslim school in Peshawar, Pakistan killed at least eight students in their mid 20’s and injured 136 individuals.

The blast came from a bag filled with at least 5 kilograms (11 pounds) of explosives, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

Warned Days Before 

Pakistan’s intel forewarned the public that insurgents could aim for public places and significant structures across Pakistan, per AP.

Moreover, those public places include seminaries and mosques.

Came to a Religious Lecture, Unfortunately, Ended up at the Hospitals

Rahimullah Haqqani was delivering a lecture when the explosion took place at 8:30 AM, said police officer Waqar Azim.

The influential religious scholar lectured about the teachings of Islam to about 500 students who gathered at the Jamia Zubairia madrassa in Dir Colony, per the Guardian.

Most of the students came from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan regions and some from Afghanistan.

According to the Guardian, the blastoff wounded at least two teachers, a police official said.

Mohammed Kashif Nadeem was sitting at the back as he arrived late, said the detonation injured his teacher. 

Also, the 26-year old-student added that the attack injured many of the students who sat in the front row.

Pakistan’s authorities took the dead and injured to the adjacent government hospital, Lady Reading Hospital, the Guardian reported.

Al Jazeera reported that The Naseerullah Khan Babar Hospital is treating the other 26 injured individuals.

An investigator sifting through debris to find evidence in the Pakistan seminary

Deftly and Deliberately Done Detonation

Someone had intentionally planted the “explosives right next to where our teacher stood” to deliver his lecture, Nadeem said. 

Pakistan’s bomb disposal head, Shafqat Malik, spoke to a local news station, Geo News.

Malik said the device was elaborate and had a timed detonator, per Al Jazeera.

Authorities said that attackers used at least 5 kilograms (11 pounds) of explosives in the bombing, AP reported.

Waqar Azeem Kharal said that the perpetrators also used ball used in the explosives, per the Guardian.

 It proves the assailants intended “mass casualties,” the police superintendent said.

Justice Will Be Served

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the bombing.

Furthermore, Pakistan’s PM asked authorities to provide the best possible medical aid to the casualties.

We will see to it that the incendiaries “responsible for this cowardly barbaric attack” will be dealt with accordingly, Khan said.

On December 16, 2014, a similar attack was made on Peshawar’s Army Public School and killed 148 individuals, mostly children.

The militants who demand change from Pakistan’s government should stop making children collateral damage.

What good is your so-called reform when the children who were supposed to benefit from it were already dead and buried? 


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