Gary Barta, Iowa’s athletic director, told reporters on Thursday that it would need a “miracle” for the Big Ten’s football season to start in October, Hawk Central reported.  

According to Barta, “if a miracle was handed” today, then there is a possibility to “play in October.” 

This miracle would be taking a “vaccine” and not getting COVID-19.

However, with the current COVID-19 situation in the country, he is not sure if the scenario to play in October is possible. 

“I’ll wait and see what the medical group comes back with,” he said. 

Moreover, there are talks led by Wisconsin on coming up with a new schedule and options for a winter or spring season, said Barta. 

However, parents and athletes are pressuring the conference to start sooner, Barta added.  

Last month, the Big Ten and Pac Twelve conferences announced the postponement of their 2020 College Football Season due to the dangers of infection from coronavirus. 

Gary Barta

No Final Decision Yet

Recently there have been rumors of pushing for an October season with the Big Ten Conference. 

This is after Dan Patrick tweeted that a source told him about “Big Ten targeting Oct 10” to start its season. 

However, Patrick took back what he said and clarified through Twitter that Big Ten will have a “revote” for the football season either on Friday or Saturday.

The rumor was also exacerbated by a recent tweet from US President Donald Trump. 

According to Trump, he talked with Big Ten’s Commissioner Kevin Warren on “immediately starting up” football. 

Big Ten Players Tested Positive for Coronavirus

According to a US news report, 35% of Big Ten athletes who tested for the coronavirus were also found to have myocarditis. 

Myocarditis is a disease that causes inflammation to the heart muscle. 

It can also lead to death, in some cases.


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