An image of cathedral in fire was chosen because it is the focus of the article.

Nantes Mayor Johanna Rolland said officials have initiated a probe into the origins of the flames. The flame and smoke have ruined some parts of the cathedral on Saturday.

The Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul is “a part of our history, a part of our heritage,” Rolland told reporters.

Furthermore, She noted that it took more than 100 firemen to contain the flames.

Nantes Cathedral is the picture chosen because it is the focus of the article.

How Extensive is the Damage?

Before the firefighters were able to put out the fire, the blaze at the cathedral wrecked its grand organ. The fire also blew out some of the stained glass windows.

Videos on social media show the flames spreading on the side of the building. 

Moreover, The flames sent smoke billowing between the cathedral’s two imposing towers.

According to Reuters, the flames likewise consumed a 19th-century painting from Rome.

Does History Tend to Repeat Itself?

This scene closely echoed the fire that devastated Notre Dame last year. Its restoration is nowhere near as the officials are still struggling to rebuild what they can. Notre Dame has lost its spire and its roof is still in danger of collapsing.

Laurent Ferlay, the fire chief in Nantes declared that the cathedral organ “appears” to be totally ” destroyed” but the firemen were able to steer clear of a full-scale “Notre Dame scenario”

According to the mayor, they were able to dodge a terrifying replay of the 1972 fire. The said fire demolished much of the St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral roof. 

The people and I “ have these images in mind”, the history “ in our hearts,” Mayor Rolland said, however, the current situation is not “comparable to that of 1972.”

Reuters also reported that the damage was not as bad as many thought initially.

It was Burned Intentionally

According to BBC, Prosecutor Pierre Sennes said officials consider the fire as potential arson.

When you show up at a location where “a fire has taken place when you notice “three separate fire outbreaks,” it’s a matter of “common sense”– you initiate a probe, Sennes told reporters.


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