The featured image is obama. In the article, it says that obama pays tribute to civil rights icon john lewis.

Former US President Barack Obama wrote a tribute remembering civil rights legend John Lewis. 

Georgia’s 5th district representative died at the age of 80 on Friday. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirmed his death, as per The Guardian. 

According to different media sites, Lewis was already suffering from pancreatic cancer before his death. 

Obama’s Statement on John Lewis

Obama saw Lewis for the first time when he was still in law school, he was one of Obama’s heroes. 

Obama shared that when he became a Senator, he told Lewis that he “stood on his shoulders”.

Lewis “love this country so much,” wrote Obama. 

“That he risked his life and his blood so that it might live up to its promise.”

His decades of giving himself “to the cause of freedom and justice” has “inspired generations” to follow in his footsteps. 

However, despite his significance in shaping “the history” of his country, what stuck the then President was Lewis’ “gentleness and humility”. 

Lewis was born into a modest family, “in the heart of the Jim Crow South”, he said.

That is why he understood that “he was just one of a long line of heroes in the struggle for racial justice”.

Lewis also practiced the “principles of nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience”, he wrote.

Moreover, when he became the President, Lewis did not stop “providing wisdom and encouragement” to the Obama family. 

He ended his statement with a thank you to Lewis. 

“We now all have our marching orders – to keep believing in the possibility of remaking this country we love until it lives up to its full promise.

This picture is John Lewis. The purpose of this image is to emphasize to whom Obama is paying tribute to.

On John Lewis 

Lewis was at the forefront of the civil rights movement and worked along with civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. 

He was arrested and beaten many times by the state’s law enforcement due to his actions. 

However, they did not deter him from pushing for what he thinks is right. 

A lot of people, famous and not have aired their sadness because of the passing of Lewis. 

Aside from Obama, other personalities have also written their pieces on the passing of this legend. 


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