Obama beside the two youtubers reacting to Phil Collins

The twin Youtubers who went viral in August after they reacted to Phil Collins’ hit song, In the Air Tonight, got a surprise visit from former US President Barack Obama.

The two were listening to a Bob Dylan song when the former president suddenly appeared on their screen. 

Fred and Tim Williams did not know they will be seeing the former president live online while doing a review of his playlist. 

According to People, the twins thought they are pre-recording a video for a BookTube episode on Obama’s new memoir, A Promised Land

“He just popped out of nowhere,” said Fred on Tuesday, after they met the former president, per People. 

According to him, that interaction is “the cherry on top.”

His twin brother, Tim, said the experience was “crazy humbling” and didn’t imagine he’d talk to him. 

“We grew up with him, man,” he said, and added, “the first Black president.”

The whole incident on Obama's perspective

Obama’s Playlist and on Creating Mixed Tape

A few days ago, the former president tweeted a playlist ahead of his book launch of some “memorable songs” from his time in the White House.

It includes several old songs from Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and Bob Dylan. 

There are also some modern songs from the early 2000s, like Beyonce’s Halo and Eminem’s Lose Yourself. 

However, among all the songs in Obama’s playlist, the twins chose to review Dylan’s song, The Times They Are a-Changin’. 

The twins asked the former president why he added Dylan to his playlist. 

According to Obama, he’s been a Dylan fan for a long time.

Also, Dylan’s a part of a “social conscience” that permeated rock n roll during his time, he added. 

Moreover, he describes him as a musician that has a message about how America and the world might be.

The twins also asked him if he had made mixtapes while he was growing up. 

To which he replied yes. 

He also said making mixtapes were hard to create back then. 

According to Obama, when creating a mixed tape in the past, you need all kinds of equipment to create one and figure stuff out on your own. 


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