A court ruling announced on Wednesday that California Representative, Devin Nunes, cannot sue Twitter, said a LA Times report.

Nunes filed a suit against the social media platform last year, where he demanded the amount of $250 million for the damages done by satirical accounts. Also, he demanded to unmask the said accounts. The accounts were that of a fake internet cow and someone pretending to be Nunes’ mother.

The representative’s complaint was accompanied by screenshots.

According to Nunes they were “evidence of a defamatory conspiracy” against him, said a CNN report.

However, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects the social networking site.

As a result, the platform is not liable for the posts done by other people in the network, said LA Times.

The platform is “immune” to the representative’s claim of defamation, said Judge John Marshall.

Moreover, the issues to Nunes’ lawsuit were “substantially similar” to past cases where platforms were cleared of liability under Section 230, said CNN. 

“Plaintiff seeks to have the court treat Twitter as the publisher or speaker of the content provided by others,” wrote Marshall. “The court refuses to do so”, added Marshal, in the decision copy that was reviewed by CNN. 

The court had made the right decision, said Twitter in a statement. 

“Twitter enforces the Twitter Rules impartially for everyone,” said Katie Rosborough, Twitter spokesperson. She added the platform is “constantly improving” their efforts to “serve the public conversation” and continuous public transparency.

Twitter Crowd’s Response

After the passage of the ruling, Nunes’ name trended on social media.

Many Tweeters thought the situation was hilarious due to the fact that Nunes’ lawsuit was against a “fake cow” 

Barbara Boxer, a former US Senator, said:

Columnist Tim O’Brien, emphasized Nunes’ loss against a “cow”,

The “cow” also replied to Nunes’ Tweet about Parler, 

Is this a laughing matter?


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