The attached image is a cruise ship. The reason is that a cruise ship in Norway was hit by coronavirus.

MS Roald Amundsen, one of the first hybrid-powered ships operated by the Hurtigruten fleet, confirmed that some of its passengers and crews contracted COVID-19. 

Norweigan authorities are making every effort to locate the passengers from the said luxury cruise ship.

At least 36 staff members of MS Roald Amundsen have tested positive for COVID-19, as per a Reuters report. 

The same results came out for at least four passengers.

The luxury cruise ship named after a famed Norwegian explorer made two separate Arctic voyages since July 17.

When the cruise liner reached Tromsø, Four crew members were initially admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with the infection.

Out of the 158 staff, tests showed that another 32 crew members were likewise infected.

According to an Associated Press report, the Hurtigruten line has temporarily put all voyages on hold indefinitely.

 On Behalf of All of Hurtigruten

Besides, the Norwegian fleet company also apologized Monday for procedural errors.

Daniel Skjeldam, the CEO of Hurtigruten, said in a statement:

It appeared on “a preliminary evaluation “ that we have failed “in several of our internal” protocols.

The company is currently reviewing “all procedures” Skjeldam added.

 “On behalf of all of us in Hurtigruten, I am sorry” for this incident. 

The company is taking “full responsibility,” Skjeldam said.

Holiday Cruise or Health Curse? 

The Hurtigruten was one of the first cruise lines to restart voyages during the pandemic in mid-June.

From Bergen to Svalbard, the cruise ship had 209 passengers on its July 17-24 voyage and 178 on the July 25-31 trip.

The cruise line company has contacted guests who had been on the MS Roald Amundsen.

Health officials, however, are very much concerned that the ship has spread the infection to dozens of places along the western coast of Norway.

Norwegian news agency NTB reported that there are at least 69 municipalities in Norway that may potentially be infected, as per Associated Press.

Norwegian police are starting an investigate whether any laws had been violated.

More Infections to Come

On a Guadian report, Line Vold, one of the Senior executives at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) said: 

It is likely that “more infections” will come out “in connection to this outbreak.”

Passengers have been told to quarantine themselves.

Following the outbreak, Norway decided to close its ports to luxury liners for two weeks.


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