Avoid 4th of July gatherings

Besides asking Californians to wear masks, Gov. Gavin Newsom is pleading to avoid Fourth of July family gatherings, said ABC news.

Newsom urged Californians to turn to their “better angels,” and use common sense.

But he said, “It’s more education. I’m not coming out with a fist.”

This is a day after over 4,000 more cases of COVID-19 were reported in California.

Appealing To Fairness

California Governor is still making his best to make an “appeal to fairness.”

Newsom said enforcement would have to rely mainly on people obeying health orders.

This includes a two-week-old requirement to wear face coverings in public.

Though he admonished:

“If 40 million people want to turn their backs on civil society.

“And (they will) abuse the rules, laws, and regulations on a consistent basis, then society begins to erode.

If you’re not seeing behavioral changes then we think citations are appropriate where there’s abuse.”

Gavin Newsom

More Public Ads

The governor has also previewed new TV, radio and billboard ads in multiple languages promoting wearing a mask.

One ad shows a person breathing on a ventilator with a mask that reads:

“Even without symptoms, you can spread COVID-19. And people can die. People like your mom.”

Newsom previously teamed up with former California Governors to make a video urging the public to wear face coverings.

In a video, past Governors took turn in speaking to the Californians, appealing to both Democrats and Republican voters.

The video includes former governors of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gray Davis, Jerry Brown, and Pete Wilson.

Fining The Mask Scofflaws

Three cities had announced that they were ready to fine mask scofflaws as a last resort.

That would set you back $300 in West Hollywood and $100 each in Santa Monica and Monterey, said ABC news.

A neighboring Orange County Supervisor, Michelle Steel and Sheriff Don Barnes, advised people to wear masks.

The sheriff said his deputies will urge voluntary compliance rather than use aggressive enforcement, the report added.


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