California Governor Gavin Newsom made a short speech about the threat of climate change during the Democratic National Convention(DNC). 

He also countered US President Donald Trump’s statement against the California state’s efforts to suppress the wildfires happening across the state. 

Trump, during a speech in Pennsylvania, has suggested defunding the state.

According to Newsom, defunding the State’s effort because they have not “raked enough leaves” is something that you can’t make up. 

“Climate change is real,” Newsom said.

He also dared people who deny climate change to visit California, to see the extreme challenges the state is having due to this phenomenon. 

“This is an extraordinary moment in our history,” Newsom said, citing California’s thousands of dry lightning strikes and wildfires. 

Newsom also listed some of the environmental lawsuits, filed against the Trump administration. 

According to Newsom, there are lawsuits on “clean air”, “clean water”, “endangered species”, and “pesticides.” 

The state of California is currently under a State of Emergency due to extreme weather conditions.

According to a USA Today report, 6 people have died in California due to the more than 500 wildfires raging all over the state. 

The number includes five people confirmed by Newsom, and a worker from the Pacific Gas & Electric company.

Gavin Newsom

People Should Clean Their Forests

On Thursday, President Trump commented on the ongoing wildfires in the state of California during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

The forest fires are “starting again in California,” Trump said. 

According to him, Californians should “clean” their “floors” and “forests.”

California has “many years of leaves and broken trees” that are flammable, Trump said in his speech. 

He added that he has been telling these words to the state for years, but “they don’t want to listen.” 

He also suggested defunding the state because they do not listen to him.

“Maybe we’re just going to have to make them pay for it,” he said. 


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