The featured image is New Zealand prime minister because the article is about the country's milestone mark of its 100 days free of COVID-19.

New Zealand should be celebrating now for reaching another COVID-19 milestone, and that is by having no community transmission for 100 days. 

The country’s top Health Ministry official, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, thanked everyone who undertook COVID-19 testing. 

However, Dr. Bloomfield reminded everyone that, New Zealand “can’t afford to be complacent.”

Everyone has a “role to play in this,” she said, as per a Radio New Zealand report. 

According to Dr. Bloomfield, there were still 23 active coronavirus cases in New Zealand’s isolation facilities.

The country’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, reflects Dr. Bloomfield’s view on non-complacency. 

According to her, even though 100 days is a “significant period of time,” it still “doesn’t lessen any of the risk.” 

“That’s daily,” she said, talking about the COVID-19’s risk. 

The Prime Minister also reminded Kiwis to remain vigilant, as per Radio New Zealand.

Other experts were also worried about a possible 2nd wave coronavirus wave of infection. 

New Zealand reports a total number of 1,219 COVID-19 cases and remains at that number. 

What Made New Zealand a Wonder in a World Plagued with the Pandemic

Aside from having a competent leader such as Ardern, New Zealand’s success is also due to its fast action and aggressive public information dissemination.

According to the New Zealand Medical Journal report, the country made use of the “elimination strategy.”

New Zealand’s elimination strategy consists of 5 crucial components, these are:

  1. Border control
  2. Rapid case detection
  3. Intensive hygiene promotion
  4. Intensive physical distancing (includes closure of school and workplaces)
  5. Effective and well-coordinated communication strategy

New Zealand started to ban travelers from China as early as February 3.

On February 28, it reported its first COVID-19 case after a citizen returned to New Zealand from Iran. 

On March 20, New Zealand closed its borders to everyone except its citizens. 

Moreover, people who are returning to New Zealand are required to isolate for 14 days. 


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