The flag of New Zealand next to the Pride flag

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern presented her new cabinet, which will include people from diverse backgrounds, the Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported. 

New Zealand’s new cabinet includes its first openly gay deputy prime minister, Grant Robertson.

Robertson has been the Prime Minister’s right-hand person for a long time.

In fact, Robertson was New Zealand’s Minister of Finance since 2017 and was Ardern’s campaign’s chief strategist. 

Also, there’s enough representation of women and New Zealand’s minorities like the Maori community in Ardern’s cabinet.  

The 20-strong cabinet consists of women, Maoris, Pasifika, and LGBTs, AFP reported. 

For example, it includes foreign minister Nanaia Mahuta sporting moko kauae, a traditional Maori facial tattoo for women.

She’s been an MP since 1996.

Despite the diversity of her new cabinet, Ardern explained the appointments are based from the appointees merits.

The new cabinet consists of “huge merit and talent,” the Prime Minister said. 

It also “happens to be incredibly diverse,” she added.  

Ardern’s quick action and response against COVID-19 helped her won the last election resulting in a landslide victory. 

Her win also became a way for her to strengthen her ministerial line-up.

According to New Zealand’s leader, her second term’s priority would focus on COVID-19 and towards economic recovery. 

The new ministers will take a pledge on Friday this week. 

Grant Robertson giving a word to the media

Green and Labour Cooperation 

On Sunday, New Zealand’s Labour party signed a “cooperation” agreement with the Green party. 

With Ardern’s monumental win in the elections, the center-left party can already govern the country alone. 

However, to ensure an extra level of stability in the government, the parties committed to working together towards New Zealand’s best interests, per the agreement.  

In order to do that, the Green Party leaders are also appointed to ministerial positions outside the cabinet.

One in climate change and another on the prevention of family violence portfolios, per the Guardian.

Moreover, the agreement also “builds on the constructive and enduring working relationships” between the Labour and Green parties. 


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