COVID-19 Returns to New Zealand

Prime Minister Jacinda Arden announces that after more than three months of being COVID-free, the nation has four new confirmed cases in one household.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaks to media

It stemmed from an unknown source as it involves more than one workplace.

The nation has taken all measures to “prevent the scenario,” said Prime Minister Arden.

Not to mention, “planned and prepared for it,” she added.

The Land of the Long White Cloud has “a resurgence plan” that the government is “now activating.

The Prime Minister said that “contact tracing” is in motion.

Alongside Arden is Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, the Director-General of Health.

He described the first COVID-19 positive as in their 50s.

Dr. Bloomfield added that the South Aucklander COVID-19 positive has no “history” of traveling “overseas.”

The other six household members have also been diagnosed. 

Three of them came out positive for Coronavirus while the remaining three, negative.

Close contacts of the infected “remain in self-isolation” for two weeks no matter the results of their tests.

Like New Zealand did when Coronavirus was just approaching, “We need to stamp it out,” Bloomfield said.

How Seriously Are The Kiwis Taking This Resurgence?

Nine checkpoints were set up around the boundaries, said Radio New Zealand.

The checkpoints were operated by Police and Defense Force staff who made 30 to 40 people turn around.

After the news, Kiwis scrambled to the supermarkets to buy and stock up on groceries.

The testing centers’ capacity, on the other hand, was increased to 8000 daily analysis of swabbing across Auckland.

Dr. Bloomfield issued a health order for all the colleagues of the family who is diagnosed with the illness.

New Zealand’s response to this virus resurgence is to elevate the alert level of Auckland to level 3.

New Zealand

Under this alert level, businesses are still in operation but are not allowed to have physical contact with customers.

Employees can work from home except if they are front liners.

Pharmacies and Supermarkets which are considered vital services remain open.

Bars and restaurants are closed, but takeaways are permitted.

The government made it mandatory for businesses and services to have a QR app code set up in a week.


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