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Would you make use of this new Uber feature? 

Uber riders now can start reserving rides fifteen minutes to thirty days in advance, thanks to the app’s new feature. 

The new feature, Uber Reserve, will start rolling out its feature next week in more than 20 US cities, per its CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi.

The feature, however, is not entirely new. 

In fact, the feature has been around since 2016, although it is something even Khosrowshahi was not proud of.

Fast forward to 2020, the company noticed that more and more are opting for the feature due to COVID-19. 

That is why, according to the CEO, they have fixed it.

With its increasing demand, the company decided to accelerate its development, per TechCrunch.

Aside from getting a new name, there would be new tweaks to better connect drivers with the riders, the Verge reported. 

Also, the new feature allows drivers to get incentives in accepting riders’ advance bookings.

Another addition is the added protection for the driver.

According to TechCrunch, drivers will still get the full fare even if a rider cancels the booking.

Moreover, for riders who book two hours in advance, if their drivers do not arrive on time, the riders would get $50 in Uber Cash, per Travel + Leisure.

A screengrab from Uber's Youtube video

Choose Your Favorite Driver

Aside from booking in advance, riders would be able to book their favorite drivers. 

According to T+L, after riders rate a driver a five star, they can also include them in their “favorite driver” list. 

Uber riders can select more than one favorite driver. 

So next time they book Uber in advance, their favorite drivers would be the first names they will see on their screen. 

Geoff Tam-Scott. Uber’s project manager told T+L that this added feature would connect “riders to a familiar face,” adding “certainty” to both riders and drivers.

Tam-Scott added that Uber hopes it would “offer additional peace of mind” when they need it most. 


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