Besides the usual everyday carry (EDC) trifecta of wallet, keys, and smartphone, plus the other essentials defending on the carrier’s personality, there are new protective items that are now added to the list and I am not referring to knives and handguns. 

 I am talking about protections from coronavirus like hand sanitizer, face mask, disinfectant spray, and for some extreme cases handheld blow touch. 

Youtuber Cris Thorn of Drop Forge Survival

Youtuber Cris Thorn of Drop Forge Survival posted his current E.D.C in his channel with some of the few notable additional items like re-washable N-95 mask, Purell, and small disinfectant spray.  

 Some of these items are now considered essential, especially now that the State of California requires residents to wear face masks when we go outside.  

If hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray are too bulky for you, hand wipes with antibacterial option will do the trick. 

Hand gloves are not required, but some disposal food grade gloves will be an additional protection, as the virus may linger on surfaces for hours before dying down. 

 For additional protection, it would not hurt if you throw in any kind of visors for additional measures. 

 The coronavirus can be asymptomatic and judging anyone you will encounter on the streets by looks alone will not cut it. 

It is better to be safe than be an unwitting virus carrier. 


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